Take the lead. That is what we help our customers do: optimize a winning course, learn how to navigate the ever-changing winds and currents, and gain the advantage. Your web strategy needs to align with your business strategy to achieve corporate success. It’s our job to achieve this alignment by beginning with our Discovery Phase, which helps us understand the big picture and define your approach to nosing out front and standing alone ahead of the competition.

Whether you are a small business owner looking from a 360 degree perspective or a decision maker in a department, we will work with you to help define and achieve your vision.

Understanding your business strategy and goals informs the design and development phases, all of which enables your website to do more to satisfy your ideal client. Being present online isn’t enough. Taking the lead is entirely in your grasp. It all begins with being fully prepared and equipped to compete.

In your Discovery Phase, we consider your:

Corporate goals.
  • Definition(s) of success
  • Functional expectation for your website
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure accomplishment
Brand identity.
  • Online presence
  • Logo, tagline, or corporate colors
  • Making your website a cohesive extension of your other marketing materials
Unique departments’ requirements and goals.
  • Marketing
  • Each department’s needs for a website
  • Determine how these needs can be accomplished in collaboration
Once these details are understood and documented, a strategy for a website development and design can be crafted.
Business strategy.
  • Market niche
  • Target market
  • The ideal client that you will spend money and effort to attract
Business processes.
  • Marketing
  • Product / Service Delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Establish which business process(es) you want the website to serve
  • Identify other online services that should integrate with or be replaced by advanced functionalities built into the website

Advantages of the Discovery Phase before the Development Phase

Internal exploration and understanding are essential before the new website building process begins. You wouldn’t build a vessel without knowing its purpose, without knowing whether it’s intended for passengers or cargo, and without knowing whether it will be cruising local rivers or taking ocean voyages. Website development, SEO strategy, and online marketing efforts should be no different.

Expensive re-working to correct website content, navigation items, and functionalities at a later date can be avoided if you get it right from the start, so every client relationship begins with this Discovery Phase.

From Business Strategy to Online Strategy

We are experts in fine-tuning, documenting, and integrating the business goals of different departments and turning them into a professional website and/or online marketing plan that is personalized to your company. By documenting technical specifications based on your business strategy and goals, our team can design and develop with a focused purposefulness and intention.

We work with everyone one from the C-Suite to the customer representative to the worker behind the scene.

Every business’s online efforts should be designed to accomplish a strategic goal, generate leads, build brand awareness, increase sales, serve existing customers. Each of these goals address difference characteristics and functions, but starting with your high-level business goals allows you to build exactly what you need.

After the Discovery Phase, we will turn to a greater Web Strategy, and we can discuss any enhanced SEO, Advanced Tools, Communications Assistance, Localization, or PPC efforts that you might need. However, we like to start at the beginning. That beginning is not about us. It’s all about you.

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