Is e-learning an effective HR practice?

Absolutely. Giving employees the ability to move forward on their own schedule and at their own pace reduces the stress and potential embarrassment of classroom-based training practices. In addition, one advantage of web-based learning is the ability for employees to review materials for a second time. Individual or classroom trainings do not have that possibility.

One example of e-learning success is Discover Financial, a Fortune 1000 company, who has been honored by Training Magazine for having one of the most innovative training programs. Discover Financial switched 70% of its training to e-learning, videos, and self-study, and they found 6% higher employee satisfaction scores and 42% less attrition compared to standard instructor-led models.

Does your LMS support training plans?

Yes. Managers and staff can design a training plan designed to reach team and corporate goals. In addition, curriculum outside of the individual training plan is available to meet the needs of the high achiever.

Does your LMS manage professional certifications?

Yes. Our LMS can track initial and recurring certification training requirements, including HR Compliance, Information Technology, and many more.

Can OnAir Applications support the planning and implementation process for establishing a new online learning program?

Absolutely. This is one of our specialties. Our staff has strategic planning, program management, and process improvement experience to give your business exactly what it needs.

Do you offer a curriculum-only solution without the LMS services?

Yes, we do. If you already have a SCORM-compliant LMS, we can provide curriculum only.

Can custom learning be developed based on internal work flows?

Yes, it can. Our custom curriculum development services can be used for onboarding new employees, upgrading work procedures, documenting task demonstrations, product training for sales teams and customers, and more in this area.

Are services available to convert exiting classroom-based trainings to online learning opportunities?

Indeed. Full curriculum conversion and design services are available.

Can you record our corporate event and create a training video from it?

Yes. We have full productions services from planning to editing. We can make the training available for internal use or commercial distribution.

Do you offer facilitated training?

Yes, we do. We offer self-paced online learning, social-based online learning, blended learning, and facilitated training.

Can OnAir Applications provide staff to support our in-house studio?

We can provide studio management and production support.