A strong company website increases leads and reduces bounces by giving a visitor exactly what they’re looking for and more. When user experience (UX) reigns supreme, your business wins.

The web strategy of today has evolved dramatically from the web strategy of even five years ago—from web design and development to content and the availability of robust web tools and especially SEO. Everything revolves around UX.

Studies show that audiences make their first judgement on a website in under one second and that a website has under ten seconds to both leave an impression and show value. There is more competition than ever online, and your business’s website has a lot it needs to accomplish to attract and retain your target audience.

Our website development strategies are designed to enable your business’s success.

Every website we build includes:
  • Responsiveness – Websites need to be all-device experiences that fluidly adjust and adapt as needed. Having distinct “mobile” and “desktop” versions of a business website is a thing of the past. When you design and develop a website to be responsive, it will render differently, depending on a visitor’s screen-size, ensuring the best presentation and greater ease-of-use.
  • Primary SEO – Search engine optimization shouldn’t be an afterthought with a little bit of keyword research. It should be built into your website’s core.
  • Built-in Analytics – Whether you use this data or not, having the ability to track every website visitor, their behavior on the website, their source of acquisition, their departure point, and their time spent on every page is valuable. Tracking this data from day 1 is even more powerful. That’s why we integrate Google Analytics into every website we built.
  • Unlimited Pages – We don’t believe in business website packages that limit the number of pages to include. If you’re an industry leader, a must-stop shop, a community resource, or a valued business service (or even if you know you soon will be), we want to give you all the room you need to share what you’d like.
  • Up to 3 page designs – A powerful landing page can be designed differently from a website’s subpages. A blog or podcast page can have its own unique style. No matter the direction of your ideas and offerings, we want to enable design-cohesive variation, which will allow your website to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is robust in its offerings.
  • Basic Forms – Posting your team’s email addresses on your website is often an invitation for spam in your inbox, but a sleek contact form can offer an easy way for your audience to reach you.
  • Optional Blog – Often the best way to prove your business’s expertise and willingness to help your customers is to share your wisdom and ideas with your audience. A blog isn’t an add-on to one of our websites. This online communication tool is ready and waiting for whenever you would like to use it.
  • File Compression – Web visitors have short attention spans. Because we want to ensure you don’t lose anyone because of slow loading times, file compression is built into our websites, minimizing your image file sizes without losing the quality of your designs.
  • Social Media Integration – Your social media networks are a bit like your front desk, sharing information and starting the conversations that will ultimately direct your audience to your website. By ensuring all of these online presences are intertwined, your visitors will have no trouble connecting with you, however they choose.
  • Newsletter Integration – You might not know if every social media post reaches your audience, but you can be confident that every newsletter reaches people’s inboxes. Business newsletter sign-ups are a powerful way to grow your community, and including this sign-up directly on your website makes it easy.
  • Podcast Integration – Your community is listening. What are you going to say? Because 73 million Americans listen to podcasts every month (a number that continues increase year to year), OnAir Applications now includes this integration in the core of every website we build.
  • Homepage Proofread – The last thing you want to do is to lose your potential customer or client by having a typo on your homepage. Powerful communications begin with clarity and correctness. Our writing and editing services go far beyond the homepage, but at minimum, this homepage proofread is included with every single new website delivered.

WordPress, the most trusted website content management system (CMS).

We develop and design our websites in WordPress, because it is SEO-friendly at its core and a versatile CMS we trust.
WordPress now powers 26.4% of the Web, according to WordPress.com and w3techs. In fact, it is the leading CMS, holding nearly 60% of the market-share.

Google’s own Matt Cutts, former head of their web-spam team, said that “sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.” If you ask us, that’s exactly the power you want in your SEO court.

Additional Advantages of WordPress:

  • Easy to manage and update
  • Scalable to handle websites as simple or as complex as you’d like
  • No limiting proprietary software systems; you own your website investment

Take the Lead with your Business Website

To deliver a powerful UX, you must first understand your own brand and business strategy, and once these details are understood and documented, your next steps make all the difference.

A new website should be an all-device experience, requiring minimal clicks to bring a visitor exactly where they want to go, no matter whether they are browsing from their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Its design should be modern and accessible, recognizing that different demographics respond differently to different layout, content, and visual choices. A website should be optimized for text and voice search, considering the possibilities of local search or international translation needs.

A website is so much more than just a digital brochure. It is your business’s connection with the world.

You need web strategy experts in your corner, and that’s exactly why we’re here for you.

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