A well-built, thoroughly thought-out website is the first step to online success. It can be simple and straightforward, or it can be built to enable your business and your customers to have a one-stop-shop for everything they need.

Every website we build begins with a robust foundation, but when you want even more, we’re here for you.

Web Content Writing & Editing

You know what you want to say, but sometimes, it takes a lot of time to craft it exactly as you’d like. From proofreading to wordsmithing to writing your text from scratch, we offer web writing and editing services to match exactly what you need

  • Web text proofreading – All of our new websites are delivered with a homepage proofread as a part of the process, but websites have so much more text than just the homepage. Our proofreading services includes the identification and correction of punctuation, grammar, and word choice mistakes, ensuring your content is as professional as you are.
  • SEO copyediting – The words you choose and how you place them on the page can be a highly influential piece of your total search engine optimization efforts. After doing an in-depth keyword analysis of your industry and niche, we can work to integrate the language web surfers are already typing into search engines to allow your website to rise above the competition. This copyedit also includes a fine-tuning edit for logic, clarity, and correctness.
  • Web text wordsmithing – Communications can be clear and correct, but sometimes they are not as powerful as they could be. Continuing the conversations of our Discovery Phase or following a new discussion of your goals, we will work with you to capture the voice of your brand and to target your specific audience as we fine-tune your rough draft website text into web content that shines.
  • Webpage text creation – Crafting the text for a website is more than jotting down ideas. You have a short space to connect with your audience, to share what they are looking for, why they should be interested, and why your business is the one to provide them this service. Well-crafted, concise web writing is a balancing act between message, brand voice, audience expectation, and SEO, and when you need assistance, our experienced writing team is ready to help.

Content Marketing Pieces for Download

They say “content is king” for a reason. Your visitors are likely hungry for more information about your industry or your offerings. They might want to understand your brand or experience your expertise before they are ready to sign on the dotted line. Not only do we offer writing and editing services for the primary content of your website, but we also offer writing services for a wide array of content marketing pieces, including ebooks, white papers, blogs, web articles, FAQ sections, user manuals / handbooks, and more.

Some web tools better serve your customers, and some reduce internal workload through increased online functionalities. No matter your business, the online world allows you the opportunity to redefine it. At OnAir Applications, we’re here and ready when you want to discuss your digital possibilities.

Advanced Website Tools are available through OnAir Applications

Integrated into a powerful and versatile WordPress CMS, our additional development and content creation options are designed to elevate your online presence even more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

A robust CRM enables a savvy marketer to automate the sales process, personalizing content and calls-to-action (CTAs) depending on what you know about a website visitor. The array of tools and data available can be powerful, but it is dramatically less so if it cannot be used alongside your existing business website. CRM Integration within your WordPress framework enables your business to be as agile and efficient as you want to be.

Application Program Interfaces (API) integration

A website can send or receive information real-time when we build a customized solution that empowers your business’s website to communicate with another service through the use of an Application Program Interface (API). Synchronizing your data with third-party applications allows for a richer user experience and more opportunities for a business to find success.

Calendar Integration

Allowing your website to integrate with a visitor’s Google calendar or other calendar solution makes day-to-day planning easier for your audience. Everyone is busy. It’s these little details that make all the difference in perceptions of helpfulness and professionalism.

Advanced Forms

A contact form is an essential piece of your website, allowing visitors a seamless way to connect with your business; however built-in forms can be so much more. They can be fluid with questions that change depending on previous answers; they can allow for geography-specific price-quotes or direct messages to different individuals or departments as needed. Ask yourself what you wish you had a form to accomplish, and chances are that it’s in the realm of possibilities.

Members-Only / Restricted-Access Areas

The advantages of a membership-only or restricted-access area of your website are plentiful, whether you already have an active community or you are planning to create one. Community collaboration, shared resources, and exclusive content are only the beginning of what your business can do with a section like this.


The online marketplace is more diverse than ever before, and with a secure checkout process in place, your product offerings can be competitive. Adding ecommerce functionality to your business’s website may sound like a complex undertaking, but with industry experts by your side, the store-building experience can be smooth, comprehensive, and powerful.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows your website to act as a vendor for a different seller, enabling you to earn possible financial rewards for each customer directed to a certain link. Performance-based marketing strategies like this don’t have to be intimidating. With the right partner, affiliate marketing can be an easy addition to your website and a natural supplementary income stream for your business.

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