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Designing a website that converts visitors into leads and serves existing customers can be difficult

. . . we build websites that generate results before and after the sale

Request a consultation if you are:

  • Evaluating B2B marketing services
  • Considering a website refresh
  • Interested in improving content
  • Looking to improve support/training to your distribution network
  • Seeking a solution for better online customer service
  • Less than confident in your website host or technical support services

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WordpressCustom WordPress Site that is aligned with your strategic goals, focused on  reaching your  target market  on almost any device of their choosing.

Digital marketing campaignDigital marketing campaign designed to attract and engage quality leads.  We integrate your B2B email marketing, blogging, social media presence,  list management, display marketing and search engine optimization efforts to achieve a  succinct message.

Customer ServiceCustomer Service that extends your support hour to 24/7.  We make your technical specifications, user guides and multimedia presentations that resolve issues and build brand loyalty available to your customers on demand.  Yes, we can produce multi-media presentations.

Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management  (CRM) system that automates the lead nurturing process.  Our CRM marketing service collects contact information from inbound marketing contacts and provides the appropriate response to help your sales teams qualify and convert leads faster.

HostingHosting that delivers 99.9% uptime, fast page loads,  backups, WordPress updates, plugin updates, and a secure certificate for your URL. You can focus on your business because OnAir Applications is managing your website.

Technical SupportTechnical Support that offers personal service.  One point of contact gets the support you need for any question or concern.

Extensive teamExtensive team of experts in a one stop shop for strategy, design, content, marketing, customer support, hosting and technical support.  Whether your project requires a digital marketer, strategist, graphics artist, copywriter, technical writer, web developer, multi-media producer, computer scientist, and/or program manager, we have the expertise. Only need a couple of services, no problem.  We will work with your team and/or existing service providers.

Partner with professionals with the expertise and experience to win!

OnAir Applications builds websites that produce results before and after the sale.  We specialize in supporting businesses that operate in the B2B space that must build trust with their distribution channel(s) and the end-users.  Our team includes marketing specialists and copywriters that can grow sales and technical writers that can educate distributors and end users.

Digital Marketing: The engine that drives consistent profits is new and satisfied existing customers.  According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.  The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.  Using proven online marketing techniques, we partner with your sales team to devise a B2B manufacturing marketing strategy that attracts and captures contact information for new prospects in your target market.  We also work with your product development and sales teams to keep loyal customers informed about new products and existing product updates.   We secure your clients confidence by providing the information needed to build your creditability and demonstrates your expertise.  We educate by providing helpful solutions to common problems.  We build your client base with proactive CRM marketing services.

Customer Service:  In an effort to grow sales, many forget customer service builds the brand and customer loyalty.  According to an American Express survey, 3 in 5 Americans would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.  We partner with your product and customer service teams to ensure your website has current technical specification documents for B2B clients and product instruction documents for end-users available for download.

Our Guarantees:

You Will Love Your Website:  We keep working until you are completely satisfied.

A Great Relationship: We work hard to build productive relationships with our clients.  All our websites are built in WordPress, the most trusted website content management system.  There are no limiting proprietary software systems; you own your website investment.  If your requirements change, we will assist in every way to support a smooth transition.

Let us manage your website so you can manage your business.

We believe process drives consistent results.
While developing your website, the team at OnAir Applications will:

Web Process Chart

Discover: We take the time to get to know you and your firm.  We partner with you to create a website strategy that is in line with corporate strategy and key stakeholder goals.

Design: Design an impressive manufacturing website that collects and nurtures leads as well as serves existing customers and distributors.

Create:  We can create almost anything to reach and serve your clients.  Our team consists of a comprehensive list of professionals to include graphics artists, copywriters, technical writers, digital marketers (SEO, social, blog, video, traffic analytics) trainers, survey researchers, multi-media producers, program managers, systems engineers and computer scientists and WordPress specialists.

Prototype: We will prototype your new manufacturing web design in our sandbox for review for by your team.  We give an opportunity to test drive the site.  We receive your comments and make the changes needed to ensure your satisfaction.

Launch/Host: Upon your approval, we go live and provide hosting and technical support for your secure website.

Market:  Launching is just the beginning of where the real work begins.  We partner with you to provide the desired marketing services.  We can provide complete B2B marketing services or support your in-house marketing team. In our tool box is lead generation, B2B email marketing, social marketing, pay per click ads and CRM lead nurturing.

Customer Service:  We can help you listen to your clients. All our websites come with the option to download documents such as technical specification, user guides and stream multimedia messages and product demonstrations. You have the option to include a  technical support contact form.  Yes, we can produce the multi-media video.

Iterate: We analyze customer request data and share the findings with key stakeholders so that customer service protocols and website functionality can remain relevant.